About Us
Dynamic Kung Fu Academy (Former names: Shaolin Shaolin Martial Arts, Silicon Valley Shaolin Cultural Center) is an education center established to inherit the Shaolin culture and teach the most authentic Shaolin Kung Fu and Modern Martial Arts. It has served the South Bay for more than 10 years and has cultivated many Kung Fu champions in the Bay Area. It is deeply loved by member families and community residents.
  • Complete Curriculum
    Dynamic Kung Fu Academy offers a rich and complete curriculum system for all ages and levels, which includes Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Modern Martial Arts, Weaponry Skills, Kickboxing, Self-Defense Skills and Tai Chi Wellness.
  • Professional Team
    The masters have all studied martial arts since childhood, graduated from Chinese professional sports colleges, won many international and national competition championships, and have more than ten years of teaching experience.
  • Great Location
    The unique location of Dynamic Kung Fu Academy is very convenient for students from Santa Clara, Cupertino, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Campbell and other neighboring cities.
We offer both group and private classes for all ages and levels.
Age 4-6
The beginner Martial Arts program provides kids with basic Shaolin Kung Fu skills and fun activities to develop focus, confidence and discipline.
Age 7+
The Youth, Teen and Adult Kung Fu program improves balance, speed, flexibility and strength through the training of Shaolin Fist forms and Weaponry Skills.
Taichi Wellness
Adults and Seniors
Superior health-enhancing on balance control, flexibility, and helps seniors to regulate qi and blood circulation, promoting metabolism to strengthen the body and prolong life.
Teen and Adults
This program includes kickboxing and self-defense skills, it’s also a great way to strengthen muscles, and release the stress of life and work.
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  • (408) 816-7812
  • 4980 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129
  • dynamickungfu.usa@gmail.com
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